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Completion Date:


Sioux City, Iowa

Summer 2024

170,000 SF

The Warnock Building was originally built in 1921 for an auto assembly and dealership facility. During the 1930’s, the building was partitioned into commercial office spaces. In 2018, the building was vacated due to mechanical failures of the elevators and two years later, a local developer purchased the building for a multi-use adaptive reuse renovation.
Exterior historical features will be restored and repaired including marble and terra cotta ornamentation that was damaged or removed in previous remodels. The project includes replacement of the roof .
The building will remain commercial on the ground floor, with floors two through six converted into 83 apartment units. The basement provides underground tenant parking. A tenant fitness area and outdoor patio will be added to the roof between the two penthouses. Due to the robust reinforced concrete column and concrete floor system, the team was able to design a central lightwell to provide natural light for the interior units. The remaining original windows will be restored, and all other windows and storefronts will be replaced with matching historic replica windows.

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