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Sioux Falls, SD


The Big Lost Meadery and The Ranch and Roost is a project designed to combine the efforts of two separate companies into one shared space. The atmospheric result is something new to the area, it is one that features mead (fermented honey wine) and take-out chicken. Located on the Lake Lorraine Development, it is the second location of the Meadery and restaurant combo, with the first being in Gillette, Wyoming. The taproom and seating area inside are filled with natural light and a clear view to the lake below. The outdoor features include a balcony seating area, and a lower-level patio with direct public access to and from the lake. The goal for the exterior façade was to create a contrast between The Big Lost Meadery and The Ranch and Roost. A combination of copper toned steel panels, weathered brick, and dark wood were chosen for the exterior. While the Ranch and Roost features a bright red exterior and a rich orange color for the logo. Our services provided a contrast in color and materiality, creating that clear distinction the clients were looking for.

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