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Completion Date:


Sioux City, Iowa


49,000 SF

To support the university’s academic growth, the design team focused on expanding BCU’s oldest original building - Heelan Hall - as the small 70-acre campus provided little room for an additional building. This building is a four-story cast concrete superstructure with masonry veneer. The project included a major renovation of the entire mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Alterations were made to meet ADA standards, correct building code issues, and adjust finishes/alterations. An addition closed the existing U-shape structure to create a finished atrium space.

Phase I - completed in 2008 - consisted of extensive interviews involving administration, staff, and faculty members were conducted to determine programming needs and prepare recommendations for the addition and remodel of the 1930’s classroom building.

Phase II comprised of addition design and remodel to accommodate the growing needs of the university. As Heelan Hall is the only classroom building on campus, the project was carefully scheduled to ensure that students, facility and visitors had access to the space. Removing the existing single-story auditorium on the west side made room for the new 3-story addition. This houses additional classrooms, restrooms, a coffee shop, new elevator and gathering space for Meis Auditorium.

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