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Completion Date:


Brookings, SD

Estimated 2025

20,332 SF

The Brookings Country Club is situated against the serene backdrop of a picturesque lake in South Dakota, offering a unique combination of natural beauty and contemporary amenities that are rare in the region. The club’s strategic location is perfectly poised to meet the growing lifestyle and recreational needs of the Brookings community and its surroundings.
Overall, the club’s revitalization will bring new life into its community. Country clubs have evolved into multifaceted retreats offering various experiences beyond the golf course. They are bustling social hubs where families and individuals come together to share experiences and create memories. Within the upgraded Brookings Country Club, becoming a member means having a ‘second home’ amidst a vibrant community setting, a sanctuary where friendships flourish, and a premier destination for leisure and relaxation.
The architectural design of the clubhouse is centered around flexibility and engagement with the stunning lakefront. Offering panoramic views and direct dockside access, the clubhouse will be a conduit between nature and luxury, enabling an intuitive flow of events in a setting that captures the essence of lakeside beauty. Careful planning also ensures that the transition from each dining space and recreational area is seamless, from the picturesque indoors to the inviting outdoors, fostering a year-round connection to the pristine landscape.
This new facility can be categorized into ten primary sections, which include:

- The clubhouse is for formal gatherings, casual interactions, and social dining.
- Banquet/Large Event Space with adjustable capacities for intimate to grand events.
- Pro-Shop and integrated underground parking for golf carts, elevating convenience and aesthetics.
- Locker rooms are designed for privacy and luxury.
- State-of-the-art Indoor Golf Simulator offering an immersive golfing experience regardless of the weather.
- Distinct formal, bar/casual, and open casual dining zones, each crafted to cater to various culinary experiences.
- Utility Space for operational efficiency and seamless behind-the-scenes activities.
- Multifunctional zones, adaptable for various club events and potential future enhancements.
- Connected outdoor spaces for an extended experience of leisure and dining.
- A dynamic bar area with visionary architecture and a setting for a lively social scene.

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