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Completion Date:


Fargo, North Dakota


15,454 SF

The City of Fargo Fire Department Headquarters provides a complete renovation to the existing downtown fire station providing improved efficiency for public and staff flow as well as providing additional spaces that have been lacking. The project provides asbestos abatement; new mechanical and electrical infrastructure; improved fire suppression; a new fire protection sprinkler system; energy efficient windows; an elevator for accessibility; existing masonry maintenance and repairs and replacement of the existing built-up and ballasted roofing and membrane with new, fully adhered EPDM roof systems on tapered insulation. The scheme provides new, larger trench drains in each truck bay to facilitate both truck and floor cleaning and maintenance. The project highlights our ability to restore the functionality of a historic emblem in the community which captivates both the utility and character only seen in historical buildings. To further highlight this, a museum was included to feature the fire department’s historic fire truck.

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