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Completion Date:


Fargo, North Dakota


10,503 SF

This project includes a new Maintenance Facility and Scale House for new landfill area located across the street from the current landfill cells. The Scale House serves as the control point. The brick facility includes a raised first floor containing a staff work area that controls both incoming and outgoing traffic, a customer counter and a staff toilet; and an at-grade public toilet. Operable windows are located at either side of the building to allow interactions with drivers. Two incoming scales are provided.
The Maintenance Facility is a metal building that contains three vehicle bays, a work bench area, staff toilet and bulk storage. Trench drains and air connections are provided at all bays; a “swing around” hose for exhaust is provided at the maintenance pit; and hose bibs and concrete pads are provided for cleaning equipment. Holding ponds are provided to collect contaminated water.
The building was sited to allow for future expansion to the west.

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