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Completion Date:


Sioux City, Iowa


7,000 SF

This project is one of five key components of the Iowa Great Places designation. It entailed the renovation of a former steam plant in downtown Sioux City that has been vacant for several decades. It will be used by ISU for studio instruction and public exhibition. The Studio is an open two-level structure that takes advantage of southern daylight exposure. The facility provides space for administration, lectures, studio instruction, reading room and exhibit space throughout. Architecturally innovative strategies were developed to overcome the unique site. For example, a large glass arch entry with a canopy and glass manhole covers allow passers-by to view work on display within the studio. With the assistance of the City, the vacated alley in the site provides a small brick plaza entry for the students and the public. Programs were thoughtfully organized to provide private instruction space while allowing public access. Public functions will be performed primarily on the upper level while the lower level contains private studio space, and the alleyway houses the exhibit hall. The two levels open up to each other with a large two-story atrium space. This project showcases our ability to find modern design solutions while preserving historic characteristics of Sioux City.

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