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Completion Date:


Sioux City, IA

Est. 2024

2,800 SF

Jitters Tenant Infill is the new space for Jitters Coffee and Donuts located in the Floyd River Flats commercial space (formerly part of Ramada Inn). This space was previously the kitchen and part of the lobby for the Ramada Inn before it was transitioned into apartments and is now known as Floyd River Flats. Jitters Coffee and Donuts is a Sioux City locally owned small business that was established in 1999; they were seeking a larger space, specifically a larger kitchen as they had outgrown their previous kitchen. Jitters consists of a large indoor seating area to enjoy freshly made coffee, donuts, and a lunch menu while creating a cozy atmosphere amongst the hustle and bustle of Nebraska Street to the west. Smaller outdoor seating sits amongst the Floyd River Flats courtyard for a more tranquil atmosphere to the east. Unique design elements include strategically placed ceiling clouds, a viewing window into the kitchen for patrons to watch the donuts being made, a full renovation of the old kitchen, added storage, and an entire overhaul of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems in order to support the new kitchen elements. A new and more functional point of sale counter was created with a much larger counter behind the point of sale counter to improve service the patrons as well as a revamped programmatic layout to enhance employee workflow throughout the space.

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