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Completion Date:


Fargo, North Dakota


92,969 SF

The Bison Court Apartment Complex is designed to serve as a gateway for the north end of campus. The two buildings replace the former Bison Court Apartments and the new complex serves as an on-campus home to married and graduate students. The new buildings wrap around the existing courtyard to take advantage of existing trees and contours. The new entrance gate, tunnel and paved pathways draw pedestrian traffic to and from the courtyard into campus. The north wing of the east building cants toward University Drive traffic to enhance vehicular views of the Bison Court Complex as the entrance to the campus. Individual stair entrances simulate traditional rowhouse design and provide humanistic scale. Efficiency, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments are provided with up-to-date amenities. Residence Life and Dining Services Offices are located on the first floor of the West Building and a bakery/coffee shop gazebo is located on the first floor of the East Building making this a functional multi-use facility for residence.

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