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Completion Date:


Sioux City, IA

Est. 2024

60,000 SF

Covid has been a challenge for the hotel business, and this is not the only hotel in Sioux City being converted into housing. The program is to convert the hotel into 47 apartments, primarily 2-bedroom with some 1-bedroom, and convert the public areas of the hotel into a commercial space with the potential for a restaurant reusing the hotel’s kitchen. Secondary goal is to make the site less drab and standout from the surrounding concrete and asphalt; the client has already been working with a landscape designer. This will be accomplished by creating a green space strip between the street and the building and by removing the existing pool in the courtyard to create a refreshing green space for residents. A third goal is to update the street elevation, the existing building had an overwhelmingly large carport and dated details on the building exterior. This new fresh exterior and interior update will bring life back to the outdated hotel.

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