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Completion Date:


Sioux City, Iowa


106,000 SF

The Siouxland Expo Center is part of a 25-acre redevelopment district. The newly constructed 103,000 SF building will mainly be used for the parks and rec indoor events as well as large expositions. Originally, this facility was slated to be used as an ag expo building. It was originally designed to house horse areas, stables and an exhibition areas that would host rodeos. The City, however, significantly changed the project scope and asked for a redesign that resulted in the current construction. The main expo room is large enough to for a regulation soccer and indoor football field. The space can also be broken up into 12 smaller soccer fields. Adjacent to the indoor fields is a 45’ high by 100’ wide climbing wall. Along with the events that will happen in the new building, the city Parks and Recreation Department calls this their new home, which houses their offices.

The building is a pre-engineered metal building, but the goal in design was to create an aesthetically pleasing and exciting exterior that did not look like a typical pre-engineered metal building. This combination of exterior materials and colors helped the building fit with the overall look of the surrounding community and neighborhood personality.

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