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Completion Date:


Temple, Texas


The goal of this project was to renovate an existing 3,500SF conference room into multiple training/classroom spaces. The initial plan was to create these spaces using standard metal framing, however, the COR determined that a large conference room would still be needed periodically throughout the year. This led the design team to research and implement moveable partitions in lieu of standard walls. The final design features a space that is highly adaptable to the changing needs of the VA. For most of the year, the space will feature three classrooms, a waiting area, two storage rooms, and a small service center. Periodically, the VA will move partitions and combine the waiting area, classrooms, and connecting corridor, into a single 3,352SF conference room. The largest classroom’s partitions have been placed on a separate track, allowing for a third option should the VA determine hybrid between the two requested layouts is necessary. This option features a 750SF classroom, a 1,700SF conference room, and a waiting room as well as the two storage rooms and service center which is present in all options. Difficulties encountered by the design team largely stemmed from the structural requirements of the moveable partitions. Partitions will be fully suspended from the ceiling, meaning that beams are required above all partition tracks. Though not a huge project, this project required a lot of coordination between disciplines as well as with partition manufacturers.

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