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Completion Date:


Wichita, Kansas


12,000 SF

This remodel included approximately 12,000 SF split between the west wings of the 2nd and 3rd floors of Building 1 at the Robert J. Dole VAMC. The project scope was to create at least 11 new patient rooms during Phase I and included support space. The project team’s goal was to construct 19 patient rooms with all in-wall work done during this project. The VA wanted to fully equip at least 14 new patient rooms to replace the 14 beds lost from previous projects. Ten of the rooms would reside on the 2nd floor and four on the 3rd floor. Two of the rooms were designed to accommodate bariatric patients, and two additional rooms were be equipped as Airborne Infection Isolation rooms.

Due to the existing 1930's concrete structure, arriving at adequately sized patient rooms with a fat wall plane for the headwall required modifications from the VA standard configuration for a patient room. Most new patient rooms were designed to have direct access to natural light. The new patient rooms in the center core utilized borrowed light from a corridor washed in natural light due to a planned addition on top of Building 1C in a future project.

New plumbing, medical vacuum, medical oxygen and medical air systems were installed. Mechanical design included new air handling units, new steam piping, new exhaust fan and new direct digital controls.

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