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Completion Date:


Clinton, Iowa


31,000 SF

Vacant for several years, this building was noticed by a not-for-profit developer interested in affordable housing. The plan was to maintain a retail commitment on the ground floor and convert the upper floors into mixed-income housing. Nineteen units were designed occupying the upper three floors. The historic restoration maintained all historic fabric, decorative terra cotta, face brick, and marble. The overall integrity of the interior spaces was maintained by restoring column capitals. Public access space for the upper floor tenants was provided. The upper floors were laid out using existing window locations, maintaining a standard historic casing and trim, and replicating the same in other locations. Wood floors were carefully refinished to their initial grandeur. Photographs were researched and sampling techniques were used to document and replicate interior and exterior paint colors. The building is on the “Save America’s Treasures” list and the National Register of Historic Places.

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