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Principal Architect // Owner


Todd is the Principal Architect at Stone Group. While growing up in Sioux Falls and Brandon, Todd spent his summers in Northern Minnesota with his Dad, often with a hammer in his hand. His grandfather, father and uncles were all contractors who persuaded Todd to pursue a career in engineering. But it was his grandfather, Warren, who originally put the architect bug in his ear as an 8th grader after meeting with an architect on a job site. “My father and grandfather were a huge influence on me and I looked up to them in many ways.” Todd says. “I owe all of my success to my family. They have always been my biggest supporters.”
When not creating amazing spaces, Todd likes to spend his time outdoors with his family. Fishing, hunting, camping and watching the Minnesota Vikings are just a few of his hobbies. Todd retired from the Army Reserves with over 23 years as a Combat Engineer, Construction Supervisor and Military Instructor.
“Architecture is not just about putting up or remodeling buildings; it’s about the process, the spaces and the goals of the people who occupy those buildings. I have a passion for helping people and I want them to be passionate about the process as well.”

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