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Documentation services (Phase II) for architecture and interior design, including coordination of all civil, landscape design, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, lighting and food service consultants. 

During this phase, SGA shall continue to refine the program and design solution developed in the Facilities Planning process (Phase I) for your review and approval. SGA shall also initiate additional building code research where applicable. Upon approval of this phase, the Design Development phase shall commence. 

  • Reconfirm major design goals, objectives, budget, timeline and program with the club

  • Develop schematic designs including: site plans, floor plans and exterior elevations

  • Develop schematic design concepts for interior architecture and furnishings

  • Acquire preliminary cost estimates from a third-party cost consultant (or selected General Contractor) for Schematic Design Package

  • Perform a preliminary code analysis, complete with understanding of all submittals required and potential duration for permitting

  • Develop project schedule including meeting dates

  • Work in combination with the project team and any design specialists as required throughout the project

  • Assemble engineering data and early design requirements and concepts

  • Outline specifications for all disciplines

  • Sign-off to proceed into the next phase

Note: Customary on-site and virtual meetings will be included in this phase and will be further defined once the program scope is developed.
In this phase, SGA shall proceed with further building code analysis. Upon completion of this phase, a statement of probable cost will be developed (based on these documents) by an outside cost consultant or selected General Contractor. Following reconciliation of the scope of work with the Facilities Planning process (Phase I) budget and upon authorization in writing, the construction documentation phase will commence. 


  • ​Coordinate design documents with Owner and engineering consultants

  • Refine plans and elevations into partial working drawings

    • Floor plans to include overall dimensions

    • Reflected ceiling plans

    • Roof plan

    • Elevations indicating selected materials and fenestration

    • Interior elevations

    • Sections to explain scope of the project and vertical interrelationships of spaces and building height

    • Preliminary wall sections to indicate different building profiles, materials, and systems

    • Typical details to preliminarily indicate major components of the project

  • Refine interior design drawing and furnishings concepts and develop budget

  • Finalize plans, elevations and interior design drawings

    • Interior design finishes and furniture selections

    • Develop specifications package

    • Locate structural and major partition types and fixed equipment layouts

    • Develop lighting, structural, HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and electrical systems to same level of detail as the architectural drawings

  • Acquire cost estimate from selected general contractor

  • Begin to address potential cost saving options if needed to stay in budget

  • Sign-off to proceed into the next phase

Note: Customary on-site and virtual meetings will be included in this phase and will be further defined once the program scope is developed.
The construction documents are the instrument by which the Owner will obtain necessary regulatory and financial approvals to proceed with construction. They also communicate the quantities, qualities, and relationships of all work required to construct the project to the Contractor. Additionally, the construction documents establish the contractual obligations of the Owner and Contractor, as well as describe the responsibilities of the Architect.  


  • Develop design development drawings into full contract documents and specifications for all disciplines as required for obtaining a building permit from all applicable authorities and for bidding construction of the facilities

  • If required, work with the necessary participants to value-engineer the project to help identify and prioritize areas of potential savings 

  • Finalize interior design, furnishings, and specifications for procurement

As part of this step, SGA shall also work with the Organization to identify qualified contractors to submit construction bid estimates. SGA will work with the Organization to develop bid packages and hold an on-site bid conference to answer any questions and to more fully explain the program for construction. SGA shall also work with the Organization to review all bids in order to provide the Owner with a recommendation for the selection of the Contractor.
Note: Customary on-site meetings and virtual meetings will be included for Construction Documentation and Bid & Negotiation, and will be further defined once the program scope is developed. 
In this phase, we will assist the construction contract administration process by responding to questions from the Contractor to clarify design intent, make periodic visits to the site to observe construction progress, review shop drawings and material submittals, review and approve the Contractor’s monthly certificates for payment, attend progress meetings at the job site, and certify substantial completion of the work. 

  • Attend construction meetings

  • Review shop drawings, architectural submittals, and furniture, fixtures and accessories (FF&A) submittals

  • Inspect site periodically to maintain integrity of design 

  • Work with the Contractor on the client’s behalf through construction to address and provide recommendations on any potential change orders

  • Review Contractor’s punch list and work with the Organization and Contractor to identify and resolve any open issues

  • Work with Contractor to confirm their record/as-built drawings are delivered to the Organization

  • Oversee installation of finishes and furnishings

Note: Customary multiple on-site meetings are included in this phase and will be further defined once a construction schedule is developed.

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