Omaha’s Memorial Park was originally inspired by community leaders in the 1940s. A monument was created years later, and in 1948 it was dedicated by Harry Truman, the United States’ 33rd President. This memorial honors all men and women of Douglas County in the armed forces who have served in WWII, Korean and Vietnam wars. Along the white curved wall are names on several honorary bronze plates.

Through the decades, this 67-acre park went through many transitions. The All-American Rose Society Garden was created and now displays more than 1,000 rose bushes. Several lifelike bronze statues are on site including a parachutist, a Veteran hugging his children, a Korean Veteran with a child, and a woman with her saluting child. Engraved bricks are throughout the park’s base and numerous granite monuments stand strong, including one dedicated to Prisoners of War.

A pedestrian bridge was built over Dodge Street to allow visitors to access the park safely. Numerous American flags were added along the entrance to welcome visitors. A playground, baseball field, and two-mile paved running and walking trail were added. Most of the park remains spacious and open.

The park was a site for protests against the Vietnam war in the 60s and 70s. In decades following the park has been used for major events and annual concerts. Tens of thousands of people attend the concerts which have featured musicians such as The Four Tops, America, The Doobie Brothers, Beach Boys, Huey Lewis, and Pat Benatar, just to name a few.

This Memorial, located in central Omaha, is in the Dundee Happy Hollow Historic District near University of Omaha, just north of Dodge Street.

Stone Group Architects (SGA) is a proud supporter of our Veterans and Military Memorials. While we are strong supporters, SGA is independent from the memorials and does not claim responsibility of building or funding these memorials. SGA is a verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small business (SDVOSB) architectural firm, providing planning and design services to a variety of government clients.