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Sitting up high on the banks of the Missouri River is the Springfield Veterans Memorial at Terrace Park. Names of Springfield Veterans are engraved on the granite walls. A tall pillar displays the military service branch seals and an actual military cannon is on site. Photograph images are etched with the finest of details into the granite sitting benches.

This prayer is listed on their website:

“You may have served in combat or in non-combat.
You may have retired out or you may have served for a short time.
You may have been a draftee or a volunteer.
You may have served in the Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines or National Guard.
BUT YOU SERVED. You did your job honorably, and for that I am proud to call you BROTHER.”
-Author: Anonymous Veteran

When the Veterans information is available, their names, enlistment dates, photos and short biographies are listed on the Springfield Veterans Memorial website and their Facebook page.


Stone Group Architects (SGA) is a proud supporter of our Veterans and Military Memorials. While we are strong supporters, SGA is independent from the memorials and does not claim responsibility of building or funding these memorials. SGA is a verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small business (SDVOSB) architectural firm, providing planning and design services to a variety of government clients.

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