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Architectural Associate


Rozalind provides architectural support and is working her way toward becoming a licensed architect. She graduated from North Dakota State University in Fargo with a master’s degree in Architecture in 2021. Rozalind, originally from Madison, SD, could be found in her early years in the art classroom by day and on the court or field by night. Her interest in design started with computer games and fascination of buildings as she travelled for sports at a young age. She dove in deeper when it came to the details and what a project can do for a community. Being creative and active and still important to her daily life today as a she works towards becoming a licensed architect and staying healthy. A goal of Rozalind’s is to attend at least one concert every year as she always has music playing. Outside of work you can catch her with friends and family, a book, or at the sand volleyball courts as she is at the Wayzata location.

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