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Stone Group Architects, Inc. offers a wide range of architecture and planning services to clients throughout the United States. We are experienced with numerous delivery methods including Design/Bid/Build, Design/Build, CM at Risk and Limited Service projects.


Stone Group utilizes state of the art Building Information Modeling and Energy Optimization to create high-performance facilities that not only fit your construction budget but will be cost-effective to operate over the life of your building. Our portfolio contains a broad range of project types which demonstrates our ability to work with almost any building type.


We take pride in our ability to help you understand how your facility will look and feel as we work with you through design. We can create virtual tours, realistic renderings and 360-degree images to help convey the design intent.

We design buildings that are:

We Design Spaces Icons-02.png
We Design Spaces Icons-01.png
We Design Spaces Icons-04.png
We Design Spaces Icons-03.png
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